Parish Pastoral Council

PASTORAL COUNCIL: from November 2019

Mr. Ken Opara - the vice-Chairman PPC

Mr. Lawrence Frederick – Secretary PPC

Mr. Anthony Osamade – Laity Chairman

Mr. Michael Obiefuna – Member/Yaba Deanery Chairman

Barr.(Mrs.) Vera Chinwuba – Vice Chairperson PFN

Mr. Christopher Enilolobo – PFN

Sir. Sebastian Nwosu – Chairman Community Building Committee

Mr. Daniel Okoye – Faith-formation & Educational Committee

Mr. John Ayi – Devotional Committee Chairman

Mrs. Theresa Nnaji – St. Mary’s Outstation Council Chairperson

Mrs. Victoria Udeh – PPC Member

Mr. Patrick Oyeni – PPC Member

Mr. Alexander Ayo-Vaughan – PPC Member

Mrs. Patience Eziukwu – Sec Community Building Committee

Miss. Joanne Adah – Social and Welfare Committee

Mr. Hycient Uche – Liturgical Committee

Ms. Anthonia N. Ikpe – Sec Devotional Committee
Mr. Norbert A. Adekunle – Faith-formation and Educational Committee